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At Orora, we believe manufacturing has a bright future and we continuously invest in the lifeblood of our industry. We know that a strong affinity with technology and the ongoing assimilation of new processes into our business is key to ensuring we remain at the coalface of change – where our customers want and expect us to be.

By revisiting recent history, we can see how important pioneering progress is to industry wellbeing and manufacturing is a perfect case in point. Looking back at the first wave of the Industrial Revolution we saw a transition to new manufacturing processes, moving us away from hands-on production methods to the age of machination. Water and steam power emerged to fuel us and machine tools were developed as part of a new type of factory system. In the second wave, we saw further technological and economic progress as the invention of the production line and large scale machine tools led to larger items, such as cars, that used to be built piece by piece, being created as part of holistic manufacturing processes.