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At Orora, we believe manufacturing has a bright future and we continuously invest in the lifeblood of our industry. We know that a strong affinity with technology and the ongoing assimilation of new processes into our business is key to ensuring we remain at the coalface of change – where our customers want and expect us to be.

By revisiting recent history, we can see how important pioneering progress is to industry wellbeing and manufacturing is a perfect case in point. Looking back at the first wave of the Industrial Revolution we saw a transition to new manufacturing processes, moving us away from hands-on production methods to the age of machination. Water and steam power emerged to fuel us and machine tools were developed as part of a new type of factory system. In the second wave, we saw further technological and economic progress as the invention of the production line and large scale machine tools led to larger items, such as cars, that used to be built piece by piece, being created as part of holistic manufacturing processes.

With machines now harmoniously embedded in post-industrial society, our attention turns to advancing automation and the rise of robotics as our world continues to transform, relying more and more on information driven systems. How we define and integrate these new systems and processes will shape our future and our industry.

Orora is focused on breaking this new ground, so that our customers don’t have to. This head start, means we can create value and new opportunities to support our customers to lead in the markets where they operate.

Forging the path for Orora is our world-class Research and Technology Centre (ORT) in Scoresby (Victoria, Australia), which has an unrivalled ability to create this value. With chemical and mechanical engineers, chemists, physicists and technicians, the ORT team works to improve the properties and performance of solutions under a range of conditions, testing experimental processes and making explorative acquisitions that uncover new ways of doing business.

This is evident in our recent acquisition of a HP HDR 17000 multi-pass digital press. Testing this technology to ascertain its capabilities will reveal new opportunities for on-demand printing that offers superior print and visual display quality to Orora’s Fibre customers. As digital printing develops into a consolidated, inline process, Orora will partner with equipment manufacturers to ensure early adoption as the next exciting phase of digital printing unfolds to bring our customers even higher speeds and capacity.

As our industry and world evolves, Orora will continue to transfer knowledge, adapt our skills and build our capabilities to understand and operate new technology, expanding our digital expertise to ensure we remain at the forefront of changes that serve to strengthen the position of our customers and accelerate their growth.